Welcome to Vom Marketal

Guy and Vif with Faye VA 3 Belgium 2008

Just married and immediately in search of a German shepherd puppy. That's how our German shepherd story started 30 years ago. Our love for animals, especially dogs and horses has always been there.

For us a German shepherd had to satisfy to a number of standards and values. He had to be kind,reliable, socially, great with children and of course he had to be beautiful to look at.

Troughout the years, the German shepherd became a real passion. So after a while we wanted to breed a litter ourselves. Because we only wanted to do this the rigth way, we had to choose a kennel name. After long and careful deliberation the name was choosen and requested. This is how 'Vom Marketal' was born. The explenation of the name is simple. The river Mark springs in our town in the valley, tal in German, of the river Mark.

For quite some years we are also certified breeders in the German Shepherd association 'VVDH'.

We love to share our passion with others, so we hope you will enjoy this site and the wonderful dog that the German shepherd is.

Guy and Vif